What is the Best Template for a CV

Deciding what is the best template for a CV can be very difficult, as the format for all CVs cannot always be the same. CV template depends on the job and company under consideration and it should be tailored accordingly.

The layout differs for each job that you apply. The content included is more important and not just the style and format. You need to look at your CV from your employers’ point of you. CV template should be effective in conveying what you are and what you are capable of doing.

  1. When jobs are advertised on job portals, candidates make the mistake of simply clicking on “apply”. This cannot get you employed; you need to tailor your CV accordingly, for each job application.
  2. It is important to read the job description clearly and understand it. Job seekers mostly read only the job title and salary. You should make note of the qualifications, skills and experience specified for that job role. Check whether your CV consists of the keywords or relevant information.
  3. Important information pertaining to job must be highlighted and if possible, included in the first page of your CV. CV should not be too long, with unnecessary information. Most employers just go through your CV, trying to find what they are looking for.
  4. You should make sure that the previous work experiences and achievements mentioned in the CV are not more than 10 years old.  Any tasks achieved long time ago, should be mentioned, only if they had significant positive impact.
  5. Education section is present commonly in all CVs. Start with your highest qualification to the lowest school level details. It is better to present qualification details in a table, which is easy and clear for the recruiter to see. Include any courses, certifications or company training you have received.
  6. Your hobbies and interests may add to your employability. It is better to mention them.
  7. Your name, address, email id and contact numbers should be included in your CV. It is best to include them on top below the CV heading or at the foot, where it is easy for the employers to see them.

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