Virologist CV Template

Pharmaceutical labs everywhere employ Virologists either as employees or consultants to help in the research of sub-microscopic viral organisms that have been plaguing humanity as agents for some of the most common and dreaded diseases. Their researches often form the basis for pharmaceutical science to design and formulate new anti-viral vaccines and drugs for further lab and clinical testing.

Virologist CV Template

Herbert J. Schuster

Surrey, Kingston, UK

Phone:  020-454-66798


To become part of a team of virologists in a university laboratory or pharmaceutical research company

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 13 years of experience as a virologist in two pharmaceutical companies.
  • High expertise in the use of laboratory equipment and identification of virus strains

Professional Experience / Career History

2002 – Present:  Assistant Virologist, Pfizer Laboratories, Surrey

  • Assist lead virologists in the research studies of virus strains and conduct the required experiments to study their responses to new drug formulations in the treatment of diseases caused by these strains.
  • Provide complete and thorough documentation for fling and future FDA application.
  • Prepare tissue cultures required in simulating and testing viral infections
  • Analyze proteins, nucleic acids and other substances produced by viral infections.

1997 – 2002:  Assistant Virologist, Sanofi-Aventis, Surrey

  • Conduct sub-molecular studies on viral structures and perform experiments into gene manipulation, genetic expression and recombinant DNA technology
  • Supervise bio-technologists and new researchers


1997 – Present:  Various in-house seminars on new virus strains and laboratory research methodologies.

1999 – 2001:  MS in Medical Virology, University of Surrey

1993 – 1997:  Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, University of Surrey

Professional reference will be furnished during the interview if requested.

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