University Teacher CV Template

A university teacher CV template is a document which is a pre- prepared outline of a CV which can be used by anybody to frame a CV for themselves when they wish to apply for the position of a teacher at a university. The CV lays down the personal characteristic and other details of the individual.  A sample of the CV has been provided below.

Sample University Teacher CV Template


Objective: [use this part of the CV to give the work objective]

I aim at working as a teacher at a university where all work towards helping the students gain both intellectually and personally. I wish to put my current skills to best possible use and expand my knowledge base in the process.

Personal details: [This part is used to provide all the personal details of the individual whose CV is being framed.]

Name: __________________________

Age: _________________________

Gender: _________________________

Correspondence Address: ________________________

Contact number: _______________________________

Email address: ____________________________

Educational background: [use this part of the CV to provide all of your educational qualifications]

  • I have obtained my high school education from the _____________ [mention the name of the institution/ school]. I also participated in events such as _______________ [mention the activities in which you participated with awards won]
  • I pursued graduation in __________________ [mention the field] from ____________ [Mention College and university].

Skills and experience:[use this part of the CV to give the experience and skills details]

  • I have worked as ___________________ [mention the position and field] at _________ [mention organization] for ________________ [mention time period].
  • I have following skills _______________ [mention your skills in brief].

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