Truck Driver CV Template

A truck driver is a person who is appointed to drive a truck with the purpose of delivering goods and other items from one place to another. Truck drivers are hired by companies or work for per order basis which means that truck drivers switch from one company to another after the completion of the delivery work of one order. A truck driver CV template has been provided in the following lines for reference purpose.

Truck Driver CV Template Sample:


PERSONAL DETAILS:[this section is used to give the personal details of the candidate]

Applicant’s name:

Applicant’s address:

Applicant’s contact number:

Applicant’s current employment status:

Applicant’s age:

Applicant’s date of birth:

WORK OBJECTIVE: [this section is used to state the objective of the applicant or the goal or aim related to this job profile]

My objective is to put my truck driving skills to good use and exercise my ____________[mention the other qualities or skills] through this job for serving the company in the best possible manner.

SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES[this section is used to state the various skills and qualities of the applicant which make him suitable for the job of a truck driver]

  • I am ___________ and ________________ [mention the qualities] and thus can be a good choice for this given job.
  • I have the right mix of ________ and __________ which will surely help me to excel at the duties given to me.

EXPERIENCE DETAILS[this section is used to provide the details of the work experience of the applicant]

  • I have worked for __________ for _______months/years.
  • _______________________________________

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