Training Contract CV Template

A training contract is a job position that belongs to a person who works in a company for providing training to its employees on a contractual basis. The trainer may be appointed for any form or type of training such as management training, HR training etc. The trainer signs a contract which makes it obligatory for him/her to provide training for a certain period of time. Given below is a sample of a training contract CV template.

Sample Training Contract CV Template:


Job position: Training contract employee

PERSONAL DETAILS:[this section is used to write the personal details of the applicant]

Applicant’s name:

Residential address:

Applicant’s phone number:

Current employment status:

Applicant’s age:

Applicant’s date of birth:

WORK OBJECTIVE: [this section is used to give the work or career objective of the applicant]

Looking for a management trainer’s job position in a reputed and respected company wherein I would be able to work on a contractual basis and would be given the freedom to train employee through modern and flexible methods.

SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS:[mention the various qualifications and skills of the applicant in the following section]

  • I am ___________ and ____________ [mention the skills] and can easily train a group of over _________ [mention the number] employees at a time.
  • I have learnt about the methods of management training from ________ [name of person or institute] and have the required interpersonal skills and personality.

EXPERIENCE DETAILS[this section is used to provide the details of the work experience of the applicant]

  • I used to provide training to the employees of _________ [name of the company] for over __________ [time span] years/months.

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