Train Driver CV Template

A train driver is a person who is hired by the railway association of a country or state to drive a train carrying passengers or goods from one place to another. A train driver is a skilled individual who has the knowledge and experience to drive a train safely. To apply for the job position of a train driver, the applicant must first prepare curriculum vitae. A sample of a train driver CV template has been provided below for reference purpose.

Sample train driver CV template:


PERSONAL DETAILS:[this section is used to write down the personal details of the applicant]

Applicant’s name:

Residential address:

Applicant’s phone number:

Current employment status:

Applicant’s age:

Applicant’s date of birth:

WORK OBJECTIVE: [this section is used to give the objective of the applicant as far as the job of a train driver is concerned]

By taking this job, i wish to achieve my goal of ___________[mention the goal in brief] and serve the railway department by showcasing my ________[mention the skills].

SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS:[mention the various qualifications and skills of the applicant which are necessary for the given job profile]

  • I have trained for train driving from _______[name of institute] and was given the ______[mention the acclaims earned] from the institute.
  • I am not only _________ but also ______________[write down the skills and qualities].

EXPERIENCE DETAILS[this section is used to provide the details of the work experience of the applicant]

I used to drive _______[name of the train] for ______[number of years] years but has to quit the job due to ____________[reason for leaving the job].

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