Top Ten Tips for Writing a CV

Your Curriculum Vitae should effectively demonstrate your skills, experience and qualities to the employers. Here are top ten tips for writing a CV, which will help you in producing a quality resume.

1. Keep it clear and concise

Try to keep it concise and to the point. Only the information related to the job under consideration, must be included. Your statements should convey the subject matter clearly.

2. Customize Your CV

CV should be tailored according to the job specifications of a particular company. You should find out the job requirements and specify how perfectly you fit into the role, by relating job skill set with your knowledge and abilities.

3. Presentation

Make sure that your CV is consistent with common font. It should be uncluttered and with easy to spot key points. Make use of bullet lists and tables to convey the matter clearly.

4. Highlight achievements

When going through your CV, your employers should be able to easily spot your key achievements. Make sure that you highlight the important information.

5. Be accurate

It is important that the content of your CV be error free. You should check for grammar and spelling mistakes, until you are sure it is good to go. Any small mistake can give the impression that you are a bad communicator.

6. Include cover letter

Unless specified not to, you should always include a cover letter along with the CV. The letter should emphasize your experience areas from the CV, which are relevant to the job.

7. Be truthful

It is highly essential that the information you provide is true. Altering the facts, can land you in trouble, sooner or later.

8. Keep it up-to-date

Your CV should be updated, whenever you gain more experience or acquire new skills; and it should be reviewed regularly.

9. Specify your Qualities

Employers want to get a sense of what sort of a person you are and what are your abilities. Include the qualities such as creativity, punctuality, working under challenging situations, etc., which describe you best.

10. No repetition

You should check whether you’ve used similar words for describing work experiences, different skills, or interests and look for unnecessary use of adjectives.

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