Tips on Writing a Personal Statement for a CV

Personal statement on a CV can be a way of conveying interest and ability to do a particular job. These few lines can be the most crucial factors of success and gives you the best opportunity, to make a good impression on your employer, right from the beginning. When you include your career objective, it is highly important, that it is well framed. A poorly written personal statement can do you more harm than good. Here we specify some useful tips on writing a personal statement for a CV.

  1. Specify your career aim and future aspirations in the specific field. You should also mention why you are looking for that particular career move, in a positive manner.
  2. Mention what you can do for the organization, with your knowledge and experience, rather than stating what that particular job can do for your career. This can catch the interest of the employer.
  3. You should avoid using clichés, irrelevant terminology and buzzwords in your personal statement. It should be an honest specification of what you are and what you can do.
  4. You should summarize about you, your qualities, skills and achievements in your personal statement, which will help catch the immediate attention of the employer.
  5. Do not use phrases such as “I’m a team player”, “I possess good communication skills”, “I’m hardworking”, etc. in your CV. All these obvious statements are outdated. You need to specify what makes you different from the others.
  6. Your personal statement must be written in third person and stated in an objective manner. You need to specify what is exactly required to know about you and why you are the suitable person for the job role. It should be concise and not like a tale.
  7. You should specify about your accomplishments, your strengths and your success rates in such a way, that it does not appear like boasting, but shows that you are not afraid of stating what you have achieved and what you are capable of doing.

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