Tips on Making a Good CV

A well written CV effectively conveys about your qualities, work experience and skills. Your CV should be written in such a way, that it can convince the recruiters that you are the right person for the job. Here are some useful tips on making a good CV, which can catch the attention of the employers.

  1. The document should be outlined as Curriculum Vitae or CV, followed by your name in bold.
  2. You can specify your email id and contact number below your name on the top or at the foot of the CV. This makes it easy for the recruiters to find your details of contact, when required.
  3. When you are including personal statement, make sure that it is framed well. It should be a summary of your key skills, qualities and capabilities. Career aim should be customized according to the job requirements. Ensure that it matches the specification. Personal statements should be concise and engaging to the reader.
  4. You should briefly specify about your employment history, which gives the information about your previous job roles and responsibilities. You can start with your current or the last most recent employer, specifying about the details of joining, ending, company name, location and role. Specify all the roles and responsibilities held by you, over the time in a company. Any gaps in employment history should be specified along with reasons concisely.
  5. Education details must also be specified beginning with your highest qualification or the most recent course or training and then going backwards to school level.
  6. You should also mention about your hobbies and interests. Employers would like to know what activities you are good at and which can be related to the job such as personal drive, team commitment, leadership qualities etc.
  7. You can also provide references of your former or current employers in your CV.
  8. Font and style of the CV must be consistent throughout. Presentation should be clear and easy on the eye.

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