Theatre Director CV Template

As a theatre director, the main responsibilities include the control over all the practical and creative tasks that are involved in the making of a theatre production. The candidate will be accountable for all the financial and other varied aspects pre and post-production. Theatre directors are intensely involved in all stages of production – right from the basic ground-work to the last rehearsal and then the main show. A theatre director works closely with all the teams involved. Theatre directors work on freelance as well as contract-basis. With the help of a theatre director CV template a candidate can draft an effective resume showcasing the skill sets as well as experience.

Sample Theatre Director CV template


Candidate’s Name

Street address, City, State, Zip

(Email Address)

(Telephone) |  ( (fax) ß optional

OBJECTIVE: I wish to work with an organization where my creative as well as management skills of theatre director can be best utilized.


Year of Passing out

Name of the Institute


  • Write about the clubs that you were part of
  • Certificate programs listed
  • List additional awards and certification awarded

Year of Passing Out Undergraduate InstitutionBachelor degree description, concentrations

  • Achievements, honors
  • Discuss about thesis and dissertations


Theater company Name Location A brief description of the theater company must be provided along with the plays handled. Also mention all the responsibilities.

SKILLS AND ACTIVITIESMention skills pertaining to theater such as;

  • Creativity
  • Ability to work in team and groups
  • Dynamic leader
  • Sensitive towards various performing arts activities

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