Television Director CV Template

A television director is an individual who is responsible for planning and directing both audio as well as video aspects of a television program as per the specifications of the program.  He follows the script and directs it to bring it live on screen within the scheduled program time.

A CV plays an important role for the individual applying for the post of a television director to get selected, so he has to draft an accurate resume following a television director CV template.

Sample Television Director CV template

                                  Television director CV

_______________ [name of the candidate]          ________________ [date of birth of the candidate]

Contact details:

Permanent address: ______________________________

Contact number: _____________

Mobile number: ___________

Email id: _______________

Academic background:

  • BFA from ___________________ [name of the educational institution] in the year ____________ [year of completion
  • Associate degree in television broadcasting from ___________________ [name of the institute] in the year _____________ [year of pursuing the degree]

Professional objective:

To be an accomplished television director in a popular production company or a television channel and use my _________________ [number of years] of experience in the television industry for the benefit of the organization.

Television programs directed:

  • _____________________ [name of the program] for _________________ [name of the channel or the production company] in the year ______________. The program was ______________________ [mention in details the type of program it was and its content]
  • _____________________ for _________________ in the year ______________. The program was ______________________
  • _____________________ for _________________ in the year ______________. The program was ______________________

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