Technical Recruiter CV Template

A technical recruiter is an HR employee of a company whose job is both related to the technical department and the human resources department. Technical recruiter is employed to take interviews and recruit the technical team of the company. To apply for the job post of a technical recruiter, one must come up with a well framed CV. Given below is a sample of a technical recruiter CV template.

Technical Recruiter CV Template Sample:


Job title: technical recruiter

Personal details: [write down the personal information of the applicant or candidate in this part of the CV]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Full residential address of the applicant:

Contact number of applicant:

Email address of applicant:

Date of birth of applicant:

Current employment status:

Professional objective:  [write down the objective or goal of the applicant in this part of the CV]

Seeking a job of a technical recruiter in a dynamically growing company where I can not only showcase my technical capabilities but also my interviewing skills.

Skills and qualifications:  [write down the various points of skills and qualifications of the applicant below in this part of the CV]

  • I am ____________ and ______________ [mention the skills and qualifications of the applicant].
  • I am a graduate in _____________ [mention the name of subject or field of graduation] and have pursued a diploma course in __________ [name of the course].

Experience details: [mention the work experience details the applicant]

  • I have worked for ___________ [name of employers] for __________ [number of years] years.

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