Technical CV Template

A technical CV template is a template of the CV for a technical job position. A technical job position may be of different categories such as Technical system assistant, Technical analyst, Technical trainer etc. The CV must contain the details of the skills and qualifications of the applicant and must be strong and impressive enough to put a positive impact on the recruiter. A sample of a technical CV template has been provided below for your reference sake.

Sample Technical CV Template:


PERSONAL DETAILS:[this section of the CV is used to write down the personal information of the applicant]

Applicant’s name:

Residential address:

Applicant’s contact number:

Current employment status:

Applicant’s age:

Applicant’s date of birth:

CAREER OBJECTIVE: [this section  of the CV is used to give the career objective or goal  of the applicant]

Seeking of a job position of a technical assistant in a company where i would be able to use my ___________[mention the skills/qualifications] in the best way possible]

PROFESSIONAL STRENGTHS :[mention the various strong points or skills of the applicant in this part of the CV]

  • I have the required qualifications of _____________ [mention educational qualifications] and am __________ [mention skills] and thus can be an asset for the company.

I am dedicated to whatever work is given to me and can work for long hours at a stretch.

WORK EXPERIENCE DETAILS[this section of the CV is used to give  the details of the work experience of the applicant]

  • I have previously worked as a technical assistant in ___________ [name of company] for ________ [mention the number of years or months] years/months.

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