Taxi Driver CV Template

A person who is appointed to drive a taxi or a cab is called a taxi driver. A taxi driver is responsible for picking up and dropping off customers at desired locations and collecting the due payment from them. To apply for the post of a taxi driver, one must prepare a CV and submit it to a taxi association of the state or zone. A sample of a taxi driver CV template has been provided below for your convenience.

Taxi Driver CV Template Sample:


PERSONAL DETAILS:[this section is used to provide the personal details of the candidate]

Applicant’s name:

Applicant’s residential address:

Applicant’s mobile number:

Applicant’s age:

Applicant’s date of birth:

OBJECTIVE: [this section is used to give the objective or the goal of the applicant]

I wish to use my skills as a driver to good use by showcasing ___________{mention the skills} on the job and wish to achieve{state the goal} in life.

WORK EXPERIENCE:[this section is used to provide the details of the work experience of the applicant]

  • I have worked for as a taxi driver for _______[name of taxi association] for __________[number of months of years] months/years and performed nicely at the job.
  • _____________________[mention the other work experience details, if any]

SKILLS:[write down he various skills of the applicant in this section]

  • I am capable of __________[write down the capabilities] and can drive the taxi continuously for __________[time span] hours.
  • I am ____________ and ______________[mention the qualities or positive points] and can prove to be a sensible and law abiding taxi driver.

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