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All malls and department stores employ Store Detectives who are tasked to implement and enforce store security systems and procedures to protect sales inventory from shoplifters whether from the sales staff or from customers.  Wearing regular clothes, store detectives mix with shoppers and are trained to spot suspicious shoplifting behavior.  But unlike police, store detectives do not make arrests but simply apprehend and detain shoplifters. It is often incumbent on the mall administrator to get them arrested if they cannot pay for the shoplifted items or simply set first time offenders free.

Store Detective CV  Template

Solomon S. Huxley

Watergate St., Chester, UK

Phone: 01244-331167


To be a store detective in a large department store chain

Summary of Qualification

  • 9 years of experience in law enforcement starting in the local police force and becoming a store detective in the last 5 years
  • Portfolio of artists available upon request or during the interview.

Professional Experience / Career History

2005 – Present:  Store Detective, Forum Shopping Centre

  • Install and manage in-house CCTV monitoring systems.
  • Ensure all cameras are working in strategic locations, store parking lots, entranceways, checkouts, change rooms, etc.
  • Mingle with shoppers to identify potential shoplifters and surreptitiously await their action.
  • Detain suspects and turn over to police as directed by store management
  • Consult with store manager to decide whether or not to press charges
  • Alert police on shoplifters detained.
  • Provide evidence in court

2001 – 2006:  Police Sargeant, Grosvenor Precinct

  • Process and detain arrested felons until bail is made.
  • Coordinate with legal authorities in the filing of charges.


2003 – Present:  In-house seminars and workshops on new recording technologies and Intellectual Property laws.

2002 – 2003:  Passed London Metropolitan Police Academy

19998 – 2002: BS in Criminology (Undergraduate), Anglia Ruskin University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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