Step by Step Guide for Writing a CV

When preparing a CV, you should make sure that the content is well organized and presented properly. Here is a step by step guide for writing a CV, which will help the candidates to come up with better format.

CV Heading

The title CV or Curriculum Vitae must be present along with your full name.

Career Objective

This is optional and can be used for specifying your career aspirations for specific industry. You must be careful about what you mention in your career objective; if presented poorly, it can backfire. Avoid using clichés, irrelevant terminology and buzzwords in your statement. It should clearly convey why you wish to take a particular career move and your capabilities in a positive way.

Key Achievements

This is the most important section in your CV, which interests the employers. You should try to make it engaging, by using specific facts and figures, which show that you are a proficient achiever in your previous and current roles. Make use of bullet lists, to make achievements easier to read. Include strong and specific words such as improved, developed, organized, led, formed, successfully completed, etc., which demonstrate about your actual accomplishments.

Career History

You should briefly specify about your career history, which gives the information about your previous job roles and responsibilities. You can start with your current or the last most recent employer, specifying about the details of joining, ending, company name, location and role. Specify all the roles and responsibilities held by you, over the time in a company. Any gaps in employment history should be specified along with reasons concisely.

Education and Qualifications

Most recent qualification must be specified first, following with the previous qualifications in backward order. Also specify course details taken up by you or company training which you received, with course title and duration.

Personal Details

Specify your full name, DOB, postal address, email, contact numbers, hobbies and interests, under personal details section.


You need to provide two references, one of them being your recent or current employer.

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