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A sound engineer is a media professional who manages the technical recording and amplification machines. These professionals are hired by media industry such as recording studios, theatre, convention centres etc. He creates a liaison with the producer and director in order to establish the required goals. The entire sound production and its proper amplification is the duty of the sound engineer. Purchasing and checking of sound equipments is also undertaken by him. In case of problems with the equipment, he is responsible for troubleshooting. In order to acquire a job in this field, applicant must utilize a well structured sound engineering CV template that will display his skills and techniques in a proper format.

Sample Sound Engineering CV Template







A passionate sound engineer with excellent technical knowledge has a vision for creativity and has earned many valuable projects due to the creative streak. Meticulous trouble shooter and has been responsible for solving many sound related issues in previous organization/studios.

Core Competencies

  • Sound Engineering
  • Advanced MIDI Application
  • Mixing and Synthesis
  • Microphone Technique
  • Instrument, Voice & Foley Recordings

Technological skills:

ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Cool Edit, DSP, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Reason, Logic Control, Control 24, 02R.


Bachelor of _____________

University (Year)

Provide Details of Other courses/diplomas completed.

Academic Highlights

Mention any academic highlights during the course of studying. Projects undertaken can also be mentioned here.

Special Freelance Projects

Mention independent freelance projects undertaken.

Professional Experience

  • Designation

Company, Year

Job responsibilities:

  • Designation

Company, Year

Job responsibilities:


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