School Principal CV Template

A school principal is an individual who heads the administrative team of a school and is responsible for all the operational activities of a school. A school principal takes the topmost spot of the management of any school and must be a qualified and skilled teacher or administrator. Given below is a sample of a school principal CV template which can be used as a reference document.

School Principal CV Template Sample:

Curriculum Vitae

Job designation: School Principal

Personal information: [use this section to provide the personal details such as name, address etc.]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Phone number of applicant:

Residential address with zip code:

Gender of applicant:

Professional goal: [use this section to provide the career objective or goal]

I am looking for a job title of a school principal in an educational institute or school wherein I would be able to serve the students in a manner that proves to be beneficial for them and for serving my goal of ____________ [mention the goal or aim].

Professional strengths: [use this section to give the skills or strong points]

  • I am an experienced leader and administrator who can handle a range of responsibilities and take decisions even under pressure situations.
  • I am ___________ and _____________[write down the qualities or strengths]

Academical background: [use this section to write educational qualifications]

  • I pursued my graduation from ____________ [name of college] in _______ [name of subject] after which I completed my PG in the same subject from ___________ [name of college].

Professional experience: [use this section to state the work experience details]

I worked as a teacher in ________ [name of college] and then as a vice principal in ___________ [name of college].

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