Restaurant Supervisor CV Template

A restaurant supervisor position is one where the employed has to fulfil all of the management obligations of the respective restaurant. When the aspirant for this position is preparing a CV for his/ her job application, they can use the restaurant supervisor CV template. This template is very effective and a very efficient way of framing a CV for oneself. A sample of the CV template follows.

Sample Restaurant Supervisor CV Template

__________________________ (Name)

__________________________ (Correspondence Address)

__________________________ (Contact No.)


[The lines that follow must be a gist of the applicant’s objectives, career aspirations and agenda according to which he/ she chose the career/ position.]



[The points below should include the skills/ traits the individual has or has developed over the course of his/ her educative or working life]

  • I have great _______________________ skills (mention the specific skills like organisational, planning skills etc).
  • I am a good _________________________ (mention a specific ability like observation ability etc.).
  • I am _____________________ (mention some specific traits like hard working, dedicated etc.)


[The section below must contain detail of every educational qualification you have been able to compile].


  • A __________________ degree/ diploma (name the degree or diploma acquired) from _________________ (name of the educational institution/ college/ university) in ______________ (write the year of completing education) with a score of __________________ (mention aggregate score attained).
  • ___________________________________________ (copy the format above to mention more than one academic qualification).


[The section below must consist of the details of the individual’s past work experiences].

  • ____________________ position (the job position held) at the __________________ (name of company where employed) from ________________ to _____________ (duration of employment).
  • ____________________ position (the job position held) at the __________________ (name of company where employed) from ________________ to _____________ (duration of employment).


(Below mention the name and contact details of at least two references from your work or educational affiliations).

  • ____________________________
  • ____________________________

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