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Professional business requires one to use their expertise and knowledge in building a strong network of clients. The scope of work may vary according to position as well as experience. As a business professional an applicant is required to carry out duties such as brand building, following up with leads and potential customers, establishing healthy work relationships, overseeing the market trends. The applicant is also expected to monitor accounts and write reports. The applicant must show skills such as good business sense along with good verbal and written communication skills, dynamic personality and efficiency in work. Applicants wanting to apply for this post must have Bachelors in Business Administration as a minimum qualification. Professional Business CV template can help an applicant achieve a good position in a reputed company.

Sample Professional Business CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal details:

(Applicant is required to fill in contact details which are up-to-date and accurate)


Residential Address:

Phone Number:

Email id:

Date of birth:

Marital status:

Career Objective:

Seeking a position in an esteemed company/organization where I can use my leadership and organizational skills to benefit the company manifolds.

Work Summary:

(The applicant is required to list out all the previous work experience along with the position held and responsibilities at the job)

  1. Post held  (Time period)

Name and Location of the company


  1. Post held  (Time period)

Name and Location of the company



Bachelor of Business Administration

(University Name)


Master of _____________ (Specialization)

(University Name)


(Mention any other Diploma or Certification courses undertake)


Will be issued upon request

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