Preschool Teacher CV Template

A preschool teacher is an individual who teaches students between the age of one to five that is the age before actual school starts. The individual needs to have lots of patient as it is difficult to look after such little children. In order to draft the resume accurately, an individual applying for the post of  a preschool teacher has to follow a structure given in preschool teacher CV template. The template shows the points to be highlighted in the CV.

Sample Preschool Teacher CV Template

Preschool Teacher CV

Personal details:

Name of the applicant: __________

Residential address: Street address ______________ City ____________ State ___________ Post code ______________

Residential phone number: _______________

Cell phone number: _______________

Email id: ________________

Date of birth: _____________

Nationality: ______________ [country of which the individual holds a passport]

Languages known: ____________

Hobbies and interests: _____________

Career Goal:

To make a career as a teacher in a preschool and apply my knowledge in teaching little kids

o make a career as a teacher as a teacher in a preschool and apply my knowledge in handling toddlersrder to draft his resume acAbilities and skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • ___________________
  • __________________
  • ____________________
  • ______________________

[mention all the abilities and skills of the applicant]

Educational qualification:

  • Bachelors degree in ___________[ stream in which degree is taken]  from ________________________ [name of the institution] in the year ____________________ [year of completion of the degree]
  • Certified course in _______________ [type of course pursued]


  • Currently working in the position of a preschool teacher in _________________ [employer organization] from _____________________ [date of joining] to ________________ [date of leaving]. I was responsible for _______________________________________ [mention in details all the work responsibilities in that organization]

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