Pharmacy Technician CV Template

A pharmacy technician is a person who is employed for the health care related work and performs duties related to pharmacy such as dispensing prescription drugs, medical devices etc… This job can only be handled by a qualified expert. To be able to apply for this job, one must have a CV prepared before the interview or selection process. Given below is a sample of a pharmacy technician CV template which can be used for reference purpose.

Pharmacy Technician CV Template Sample:


Personal details: [ mention the personal information of the applicant in this part of the CV]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Full residential address:

Contact number of applicant:

Email address of applicant:

Current employment status:

Professional objective  [mention the work objective or goal of the applicant in this part of the CV]

Seeking a job of a pharmacy technician in a medical organisation which is reputed and dynamic in nature so that I can showcase my talent for ____________ [mention the talent or skills] in the right manner.

Professional strengths  [write down the qualities and strong points of the applicant]

  • I am a ________ and ___________ [mention the skills of the applicant here] individual who can manage all the technical aspects of this job.
  • I am quite experienced and recognise my duties well enough to do justice to this important job position.

Experience details: [write down the details of professional work experience]

I have been working in this field for _____ [number of years] years and have gained recognition from my previous employers.

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