Metallurgical Engineer CV Template

Most metals in their natural state are either too soft or too hard and brittle that they can’t survive the forces and pressures when used.  Strengthening them with alloys or blending or impregnating them with other minerals and metals so they become useful in commercial applications is what the Metallurgical Engineer does.  Hence, you have extruded aluminum, carbon steel and titanium, among others.  These engineers often specialize in areas such a hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, corrosion treatment, superconductivity, etc.

Metallurgical Engineer CV Template

Engr. Daryl C. Smith

Woodstock rd., Rothertham, UK

Phone:  01709-893453


To be part of a team of physical metallurgical engineers in a large metal extrusion company

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 9 years of experience as a metallurgical engineer in a large metallurgical mining company.
  • Excellent command on smelting and foundry technologies in alloying steel and titanium products for commercial use.
  • Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills, as well as verbal and written communication skills in English.

Professional Experience / Career History

2002 – Present:  Metallurgical Engineer for steel , London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Company Ltd.

  • Design, develop and test new processes and methods of metal alloying and structure manipulation for industrial and commercial use
  • Conduct and document studies on the properties of iron and their response to the application of forces with the purpose of enhancing their properties.
  • Use mechanical and thermal processing to modify steel alloy properties
  • Conduct physical and chemical analytical researches on iron and steel,
  • Supervise foundry and smelter technicians and new engineers.


2002 – Present: various in house trainings and seminars on modern foundry and smelter operations for alloying iron.

1997 – 2002:  Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering, University of Plymouth, Devon.

Professional reference will be furnished during the interview.

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