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The world of media and related fields is a type of a communication channel that broadcasts information from one end to the masses. People who want to apply for any media related job need to first of all frame a Media CV for themselves. A media CV is a document that lays down those aspects of your personality which make you eligible and suitable for the given job profile.

A media CV template is a pre written document that can be used by media job aspirants and applicants. This document comes into use for those who find it difficult or do not have the required time to frame a CV on their own. Media CV template is kind of a resume which has to have those points and details about your educational qualifications and skills which fit into the type of job you are applying for. It must also have a brief account of all past experiences which shall help in the current profile.

The following are a few examples of a media CV template:

  • Journalist CV template
  • Book reviewer CV template
  • Music record producer CV template


This website has a lot of media CV templates to choose from which have been written in an extremely professional manner and a formal tone.

Book Reviewer CV Template

Photojournalist CV Template

Printing Press Operator CV Template

Music Record Producer CV Template

Assistant Editor CV Template

Copy Editor CV Template

Television Director CV Template

Broadcast Producer CV Template

News Anchor CV Template

Video Editor CV Template

Freelance Writer CV Template

Art Editor CV Template

Book Editor CV Template

Media Officer CV Template


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