Math Teacher CV Template

A math teacher is an individual who helps his/ her students in grasping the various methods and modes devised to deal with the mathematical problems. They are required to help the students in conveniently dealing with numbers and other aspects of mathematical sciences. The CV template is a document which is a prepared outline of a CV for a person pursuing career as a math teacher.

Sample Math Teacher CV Template


Career objective/goal: [this part of the CV is to mention the objective with which the individual is pursuing the respective job position.]

Aim to work as a Math teacher at an institution which pays proper and appropriate attention to the grooming of the students enrolled with them. I hope to nurture my skills in the process, so that I am in a better position to serve the institution and the students.

Personal details: [use this part to provide all your relevant personal information]

Name: __________________________

Age: ___________________________

Gender: ________________________

Full Address with zip code: _________________________

Phone number: _______________________________

Email address: ____________________________

Educational Qualifications: [use this part of the CV to mention your educational background.]

  • I have obtained high school education from ____________ [name the school, with location in brief] where I participated in various events.
  • I obtained graduation degree in the field ______________ [mention the field/ subject], from the _____________________ [mention the name of the institution and the university where you went for graduation].

Experiences: [use this part of the CV to mention past experiences.]

  • I have worked as ___________ [ mention job position] at _____________ [ name the organization] for a period of ____________ [ give time span]

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