Marketing Assistant CV Template

A marketing assistant supports the sales processes, assists the marketing & sales team, prepares essential presentations, plans & controls marketing exhibitions and updates the associated documents. The marketing assistant CV template is highly useful to build up a professional resume of the interested candidates who want to work in this job position.

Sample of Marketing Assistant CV Template:

Applicant’s Contact Details:[ Provide the personal contact information of the candidate by filling the given fields]

Name: _______________

Date of Birth: ____/ ____/ ____

Marital Status: _____________

Address: _________________

Phone Number: ___________

E-mail id: _________________

Resume Objective:

To obtain a job position of a marketing assistant in a reputed sales & marketing firm where I can utilize my professional knowledge and associated skills.

Skill Set: [In this section, specify the professional knowledge and abilities of the contender ]

  • Determinant, hardworking and effective interpersonal skills
  • Good management abilities and capability to build up a strong customer base
  • In-depth knowledge of preparing marketing programs and strategies
  • __________________
  • _________________

Professional Experience & Responsibilities: [Impressively pen out the professional candidature details and experience of the applicant

  • From _________ to __________ [service tenure]: _____________ [previous employer organization]

I have worked with this company for _____ [sum of year] as a __________ [designation served]

Job Duties 1:



  • From ________ to till date [job tenure]: _______________ [company name]

Currently, I am serving with _______________ [name of the organization] as a _____________ [job position]

Job Duties 2:



Hobbies: [Express applicant’s interests and favorite pass times]

  • I am fond of ___________
  • I like to surf the internet and I am good at playing chess


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