Machinist CV Template

A machinist is an individual with knowledge of machine tools and does the repairing, designing and maintenance of machines. A machinist CV template is an ideal document that an individual applying for the position of a machinist can refer to. The CV needs to highlight the skills of the individual in operating machines and various aspects of it as recruiters look for candidates who possess machine operating as well as designing skills. The template shows the specific knowledge and skill set required to be highlighted which are relevant to the job.

Sample Machinist CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

_____________________ [name of the candidate]

________________________________ [address line 1of the candidate]

________________________________ [address line 2of the candidate]

_________________ [contact number]

________________ [email id]

_________________ [date of birth]

Career objective:

To work in the position of a machinist in a reputed organization that will help me grow as a professional and help me improve my _________________ [skills that the candidate wants to improve]


Professional summary:

  • Excellent knowledge in machine tools and other aspects like ________________ [other aspects related to machine tools in which the candidate has knowledge]
  • In depth understanding of _________________ [mention the aspects in which the individual has understanding related to the job]
  • Excellent knowledge of ________________ [mention the relevant knowledge possessed by the individual]


Job experience:

_________________________ [name of the employer organization], __________________ [date of joining the organization] to present, ________________ [designation in the organization]

  • _____________________
  • _____________________
  • ______________________
  • _______________________

[mention in details all the job functions of the individual]

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