Investment Analyst CV Template

The main function of an Investment Analyst is to undertake research in order to provide investment ideas to the fund managers. With the help of the information provided by the analyst, the fund managers take decisions related to investment to be made. An Investment Analyst is also called as the Financial Analyst or Securities Analyst. They are mostly hired by brokers, investment banking firms, insurance companies, banks and pension funds. To get easy access to information from different sources, the Investment Analyst needs to stay current in the field of Industrial Technology, Economic Theory and Finance. Before taking any decision regarding the investment, he keeps a track of the company’s financial position, analyze the past experiences and capital structure of the company and finally comments on managerial effectiveness. A good resume projects the capabilities of the applicant in a good and effective manner. Using a good template can be very helpful.

Sample Investment Analyst CV Template


Personal information:

[The applicant is required to enter accurate personal details]



Telephone No:

Email Id:

Date of Birth:

Marital Status:

Current Employment Status


With my skill and expertise I wish to secure a challenging position as an Investment analyst in the banking field  and put in use my ability to _______________[skills]

Skills:[Applicant can list his personal as well as professional skills that can be beneficial to the company]

Educational background:

[List out the degrees and accolades achieved]

  • Obtained Degree in____________ in the year________
  • Obtained Masters in _____________ in the year__________
  • [Mention other courses and degrees]

Work Experience:

[List out the previous work experience, along with designation and time period]

  • Worked at ___________ as a ____________

From ______________ to _______________

Core responsibilities included____________




  • Worked at ____________as a ____________

From_____________ to  ________________

Core responsibilities included ____________






Analyst CV

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