Interior Designer CV Template

Interior designing is an artistic field that requires good taste in design, rendering and color palette.  An Interior designer must be able to design offices, residences, shops and other such places aesthetically and artistically. Apart from designing an interior designer is also responsible for budgeting and completing the work within the time schedule. He/she is also expected to impart knowledge and train juniors under him. To acquire a position as an interior designer the applicant should have a well structured resume. With the help of an Interior Designer CV template, applicant can make a good impression.

Interior Designer CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

(Applicant must fill out accurate and up to date information)


Date of Birth

Permanent Address:

Telephone No:

Email id:

Current Employment Status:


To become a part of an esteemed interior designing company or a contracting and consulting firm to project my designing and rendering skills to benefit the company.

Summary of Work experience

(Specify the past work done and position held. Also list out the time period)

  1. Worked at __________ from _______to_________

Position held_____________

Work responsibilities included_________________

2.   Worked at___________ from _______to_________

Position held__________

Work responsibilities included__________________

Educational background

(State the degrees earned)


  1. Earned Bachelor of Designing in the year ______________
  2. Earned Masters in the field of __________________ in the year ________
  3. (Specify any other degree or accolade earned)

Award and Honors:

(List job specific awards received)

Skills and Attributes

(Mention interpersonal skills and leadership specialties of the applicant in a detailed manner)


(Provide a link to an online portfolio)

Hard copies to provided upon request

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