Industrial Electrician CV Template

Industrial electricians are responsible for the repair, installation and maintenance of all the industrial equipments as well as electrical systems. The job differs according to the corporation. An applicant for this post maybe hired either for an industrial setting or for construction work. To be able to apply, you must possess in depth knowledge of electrical tools, circuits and components. Apart from technical knowledge, an apprenticeship with a licensed electrician is required. Even after securing a job, it is advisable to continue taking education in the field, as new and revised codes are added regularly. Hence it is important to keep up with the changes. In order to secure job with a reputable organization, it is necessary to use a well structured Industrial electrician CV template that emphasizes on your capabilities and skills.

Sample Industrial Electrician CV Template


Personal Information:

(Applicant must fill out accurate and up to date information)


Date of Birth

Permanent Address:

Telephone No:

Email id:

Current Employment Status:


To become a part of an esteemed company to project my skills and expertise and benefit the company.

Summary of Work experience

(Specify the past work done and position held. Also list out the time period)

  1. Worked at __________ from _______to_________

Position held_____________

Work responsibilities included_________________

  1. Worked at___________ from _______to_________

Position held__________

Work responsibilities included__________________

Educational background

(State the degrees earned)

  1. Earned Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in the year ______________
  2.  (Specify any other degree or accolade earned)

Skills and Attributes

(Mention interpersonal skills and leadership specialties of the applicant in a detailed manner. Computer skills and knowledge of various programs must also be listed)

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