Industrial Designer CV Template

The main task of an industrial designer is to constantly innovate and upgrade the safety, appearance and usefulness of industrial products. They design a wide range of products right from mobile phones to stoves to automobiles. They are constantly evolving new designs and better concepts. According to the clients demand, the designs are conceptualized by a designer. Once a product is designed, the industrial designer sets forth to test it and to produce prototype. Only when the product is passed and approved by the designer does it go ahead for approval from clients and other authorities. Industrial designing is a very challenging as well as creative field. Applicants seeking to secure a job as an industrial designer must be highly creative and innovative and must possess a degree in industrial designing. With the help of an industrial designer CV template an individual can draft an effective resume.

Sample Industrial Designer CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information:

(Applicant must furnish accurate data)



Email ID:

Date of Birth:

Current Job Status:

Objective:Seeking to secure a position of an Industrial Designer in a reputed fast paced progressive corporation to showcase my skills of ___________ and ____________ to benefit the company                                                               

Education Qualifications:

Graduation: Bachelor in Industrial Designing     Year:_____ to _______      University:______________

Post Graduation:___________________      Year:_____ to _______


Previous Work Experience(s):

(Mention all the jobs and its duration. Applicant must list out his responsibilities during the period of the job held)                                                                                                                          

Worked as:                    ________________________

Name of the Company: _________________________

Time Period:                 _____________________

Responsibilities:           ________________, ______________, _____________

Worked as:                    ________________________

Name of the Company: _________________________

Time Period:                 _____________________

Responsibilities:           ________________, ______________, _____________

Core Competencies:

(List all the skills and abilities including computer knowledge of AutoCad,3D Modeling etc.)

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