How to Write a CV for Fashion Retail

Fashion retail companies look for candidates with fresh ideas and zealous attitude. It’s a great idea to start your work in a retail shop, as it shows that you possess humility and that you know about customers’ choice and needs. When you are determined what your job is going to be, all you need is to know how to write a CV for fashion retail, to get started.


  • Your CV should be presented in a simple and neat manner. Specify the skills that match with the job role.
  • Your personal profile should consist of statements, which tell the employers why exactly you want job in fashion and what you are capable of doing.
  • Personal profile plays a crucial role in deciding about your job opportunity. You should make sure that it is well written, with an honest specification about what you are and what you can do.
  • It is better to avoid using clichés like “fashion is my passion”, “I was born to be in fashion”, etc. These phrases not only give the signal that you are just desperate, but also make the reader lose interest in reading your CV further.
  • You should do some research about the company, which you are applying for. Check what its position in the market is, analyze their work process and what products they sell. This gives you an idea about how to demonstrate your skills and work experience, relevant to the company requirements.
  • In your career history, mention your previous work experience, starting with the last recent job.
  • Highlight important details and use bullets to convey the information clearly to the reader.
  • You should also specify your hobbies and areas of interest. Your employer might be able to relate them to how you fit the job role.
  • Make sure that your contact details like email id and phone number are included either on top of the front page or at the foot of CV, making it easy for the employers to spot them when necessary.
  • You may also specify one or two references of your former or current employers.

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