How to Improve your CV Tips

CV needs to be written in an efficient and professional manner, which makes it easy for the recruiters to spot the necessary information, while scanning it. These guidelines on how to improve your CV tips will help you to write better.

Provide relevant information

You need to personalize your CV according to the job and company you are applying for. Focus on adding the information, which is most relevant for the job role. In the career history section, your job title is an important consideration. Specify it first, followed by the name of the company, location and dates of joining and finishing of employment.

Your history of employment and qualification details should be listed in the backward order, starting with the most recent to past information.

Things to avoid

It is better not to include any acronyms in your CV. You should not simply assume that the recruiter understands the acronyms used by you. Spell the acronym, if you believe that the employer might not be familiar with it. Avoid using academic terms and jargon to describe your work experience and skills. Your employer may not be familiar with such terms.

Make sure that you do not overuse power words in your CV. These may seem to be impressive, but too much of use can put off the reader. Check for repetitive words and unnecessary adjectives in your CV. Instead of using sentences with “I”, you can just state the sentence. Use of fragments is perfectly acceptable in a CV.

Provide clarity

Make use of bullet lists to specify the information. This presents clarity to the user in identifying key points. Emphasize your key skills. Do not tell tales about mundane work and skills. Specify only the important details in points, rather than paragraphs. Try to keep the CV short, but do not try to cram all the information in one or two pages. You should use plenty of white spaces between different sections, to improve readability.

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