How to Draft a CV

Applying for a job necessitates the attachment of your CV along with the cover letter. Basically the CV is your first introduction to your potential employer. Therefore, while creating your CV, great attention must be paid, to ensure that the first impression results in your being called for an interview, where you may prove your worth.

General information like name, address, e-mail address, landline number and mobile phone number can form the heading and it should be followed by a summary of your professional experience which should include, if you are already in employment, the duties and responsibilities of your current as well as previous appointments. This should be followed up by your personal profile, that is, a summary of your skills, and definitely without long descriptions.

The next to come is the CV objective, which should be a concise statement whereby you inform the employer as to the type of position you are looking forward to and any relevant  achievements  made. In the event of your applying for different positions in other organizations, make sure that this portion is written accordingly. Educational background would come next and it should include certifications received from non-academic institutions as well if, they have bearing on the job applied for.




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