How to address a Cover letter

A resume sent has definitely an objective to attain, whether it is for an internship, a job, or any other such purpose. To enable the resume to accomplish its objective, it must necessarily have a cover letter. A cover letter is intended to specify your purpose and is the first introduction and must therefore, be impressive enough to draw attention.

The cover letter should specifically mention as to how you came to know about this opening, like a friend or relative who is associated with the organization, through a website, or through an advertisement put up in a newspaper or business magazine.

To ensure that the prospective employer goes through your resume, it must be very well written and targeted to that prospective employer specifically.

The cover letter must briefly convey your background like academic attainments and qualities of leadership with the use of examples, if possible, along with any specific information that has been requested for in the job advertisement but is not covered in the resume. It is advisable that you convey that you would contact them after a specific period to check out if they need any further information.

Last, but not the least, make sure that the cover letter conveys your personality, attitude, enthusiasm, motivation and communication skills and ensure that it is well laid out.




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