Historical Linguists CV Template

Historical linguists are scientists trained in identifying and tracing the cultural heritage of languages. They often specialize in certain language families such as the Latin languages that have branched into Spanish, Portuguese and Italian languages, the Germanic languages branching into Austrian, Swiss, German, etc.   Some historical linguists specialize in extinct languages such as Aramaic or more exotic languages such as Chinese or Polynesian, among others.  The are often employed as consultants in libraries, museums and the academe.

Historical Linguist CV Template

Prof. Harold J. Anglicus

Lord St., Liverpool

Phone:  0151-223-3354



A position as a historical linguist in a college or university

Summary of Qualification

  • 16 years of experience as linguist expert and professor specializing in dead languages like Latin and Hebrew.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with students.

Professional Experience / Career History

1999 – Present:  Historical Linguist Professor, Liverpool Hope University

  • Conduct classes in ancient languages for tertiary and post-graduate history course students
  • Provide Latin and Aramaic language classes for post graduate courses.
  • Provide translation services for old biblical and historical manuscripts for museums and libraries.

1994 – 1999:  Professor Latin Language, Harvard University

  • Provide translation, interpreting and deciphering services for old manuscripts in Latin, Hebrew and Aramaic
  • Conduct basic and advance Latin and Hebrew courses for seminarians and students in antiquities courses
  • Conduct refreshes Latin courses to priests.


2000 – 2002: PhD in Ancient Languages, University of East London

1994 – 1996: MA in Latin Languages, Harvard University

1990 – 1994: Bachelor of Arts in History, Harvard University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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