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Graphic artists are responsible for creating and executing designs that the client demands to promote a brand/service or product. A lot of creative insights are put into effect while undergoing brainstorming sessions to create a visual imagery that is not only appealing but also unique. A graphic artist is required in major fields such as advertising, websites, books and magazines, corporate branding, exhibitions etc. The field of graphic designing is very vast and an aspiring graphic artist can find a lot of employment opportunities if he is able to put across his strengths and knowledge appropriately via a resume. Graphic artist CV template can assist a designer in making the right impact. Along with a good resume, a portfolio is also necessary to showcase your talent.

Sample Graphic Artist CV Template

Graphic Artist CV



Phone/Mobile Number

Email Address:



To display my creativity and knowledge as a Graphic Artist in a reputed company


Obtained Bachelor in Graphic designing from ______________(Institute name) in the year _______________

Obtained Master in ____________(Specialization) from __________ (Institute name) in the year __________________

(Mention any other certification or licenses related to your degree)

Special Skills

(Mention computer and language skills pertaining to your job)

(HTML, Photoshop, CorelDraw and other graphic designing software knowledge)


(Mention all the responsibilities and achievements at the jobs held)


(Name of company and location)

(Time period)

(Achievements and responsibilities)


(Name of company and location)

(Time period)

(Achievements and responsibilities)

Potentials and skills:

(Focus on mentioning all your strong skills and attributes.)


(Provide a link to your online portfolio)



Artist Statements 


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