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Freelance designers are independent designers who work on various designing, drawing and rendering projects. They are not tied up with a certain organization but instead work on individual projects. A Freelance designer conceptualizes and creates designs adhering to the client’s specifics, using software and techniques. It is ideal for those already holding other part-time or full-time jobs. Reimbursement is made according to the project structure. A freelance designer must be extremely creative, with very good verbal and written communication skills.  Good knowledge of computers is also necessary. To land a good project, freelance designer should produce a fitting CV that projects the skills and attribute of the applicant. Freelance designer CV templates can be used for this purpose.

Sample Freelance designer CV template



Telephone number (Residence),

Mobile Number,

Email Id

A freelance designer with extensive knowledge in designing and illustrating has successfully handled big budget projects and delivered on time guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Expertise in the field has enabled to create original yet intriguing solutions that have earned many accolades. Hard-working and committed, can deliver even under pressure situations.

Core Professional Skills
  • Adobe Cs4
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Ms Office

(Mention any other professional knowledge pertaining to the area of expertise)


(Mention all the projects handled, where they were undertaken, time period and what were the job duties)


Bachelor in _____________________(Area of Specialization)



(Mention all Certification and Diploma courses undertaken)


(Mention all the accolades and awards received for execution of projects. Achievements received during college years can also be mentioned.)

Portfolio/ Projects

(Provide link to your online portfolio and also provide links for previous projects undertaken)

*References will be furnished upon request

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