Forklift Driver CV Template

A forklift driver is a person who is appointed by warehouse owners to move freight from loading docks to warehouses. A forklift driver is also responsible for keeping a track of the inventory which is stored in the warehouses. This job position requires no formal education but requires the candidate to be a trained driver. To apply for this job position, one needs to prepare a CV which contains many details which can help the employers to know about the candidate’s skills and qualifications. Given below is a sample of a forklift driver CV template sample.

Forklift driver CV Template Sample:


PERSONAL DETAILS:[this section is used to give the personal details of the applicant]

Applicant’s name:

Applicant’s address:

Applicant’s contact number:

Applicant’s employment status:

Applicant’s age:

WORK OBJECTIVE: [this section is used to mention the objective of the applicant]

My objective is to put my driving skills to good use and utilise my talent of ___________ [mention the talent/quality] in such a way that benefits my employers.

SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES[this section is used to state the various skills of the applicant which may help him to get the job]

  • I am ___________ and ________________ [mention the qualities] and thus can be the perfect candidate for this job profile.
  • I have the capability to work for long hours and can meet deadlines efficiently.

EXPERIENCE DETAILS[this section is used to provide the details of the previous work experience of the applicant]

  • I have worked for __________ [name of the company] for _______months/years.

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