Examples of Good Communication Skills for CV

In a CV, it is not just enough to say that you have good communication skills. You need to prove it by providing examples of how you are a good communicator. Here we specify the ways of giving examples of good communication skills for CV.

One technique which you can use is to: describe the situation, determine the task, specify your action and demonstrate the result.

Describe the Situation

You need to mention the situation where you got the chance of using your communication skills. For example, you can say “In my university, I joined the dramatics club. I had a great time acting in several plays, as well as learning the art of directing”.

Determine the Task

You should specify the tasks taken up by you such as “In my final year I decided to be the editor of our campus magazine. There were ten others competing for it. Each of us had to write few essays related to campus life, before getting selected for the interview”.

Specify your Action

You need to specify what action you took to achieve the stated task. For example, you can say “I wrote about regular campus life of students and the activities that go around. I included about the favorite hangout places of students in campus. And because of this, I got shortlisted for the interview round”.

Demonstrate the Result

Give explanation about the outcome of your action like “The interview went very well with the publishing team. I had the qualities to become an efficient editor for the campus magazine and so I was selected. I enjoyed being the editor for the entire year”.

In this way, you can include statements which reflect your hobbies, interests and experiences related to work or education.

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