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A director is a person who is in charge of directing an organisation, a company, an institute or a project. The work of a director is one of the most important in the organisation as he heads the tasks and looks over all the little details and requirements.

A director CV template is a ready to use document which is specially designed in such a way that it can be of use for people who have applied for a director’s position at a company or for a project. This document contains the outlines with the format for a director’s resume and is left with blank spaces wherever the personal details have to be filled in by the applicant.

Director’s CV varies from one another on the basis of the exact work of the director. The following are a few categories:

  • Business director CV template
  • Movie director CV template
  • Museum director CV template


Since this is a formal document hence it has to be filled in carefully. The points such as the name and address of applicant, his qualifications and details of the relevant courses he has pursued to fit into the director’s chair have to be stated clearly in the CV template.

Museum Director CV Template

Sales Director CV Template

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Film Director CV Template

Theatre Director CV Template

IT Director CV Template

Managing Director CV Template

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