Different Types of Skills for CV

Skill set is a very important section in a CV, which interests the employers. There are different types of skills for CV, which demonstrate about the capabilities of the candidates.

Analytical Skills

These skills deal with the capability of visualizing a problem and finding a logical solution for it. Analytical skills are given importance, because they prove to be very helpful in handling complex situations, which may come up. An individual with analytical skills, will not be able to figure out the issues in an organization, but can also come up with ideas, in order to solve them.

Organizational Skills

Organizational skills include setting a target and finishing it in a specific time. These skills help you in your professional as well as personal growth. When you plan your work well, there will be least scope for errors; which can save your time and effort. This in turn leads to increase in your productivity. Hence it is given much value by the employers.

Interpersonal Skills

These are our everyday interaction skills with individuals around us. Interpersonal skills can help us in getting the work done quicker and also in developing a friendly work environment. With good interpersonal skills, you will be able to focus better on team work and it can also be encouraging to your team members. Leadership qualities also come under these skills. Individuals with efficient interpersonal skills possess better listening skills and a good body language.

Personal Skills

Personal skills refer to an individual’s strengths, which can prove to be beneficial for organizations growth. These skills include:


Employers look for individuals, who show enthusiasm towards their work. Self-motivated individuals, have the capability of giving their best in work and encouraging the others.


Individuals must show flexibility and adapt to changes in the work area. Employers always want multitasking employees, who are open to new ways of working.


Individuals, who show responsibility towards their work, give the impression that they value their work and are reliable.


Punctuality is highly considered at workplace; being punctual shows that the individual is reliable.

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