Desktop Support Technician CV Template

A desktop support technician is one who provides assistance in the maintenance of desktop computers in an organization. The key responsibilities include installation, configuration and functionality of desktop systems and other computer peripherals. The candidate is responsible for upkeep and connectivity of the systems at all times by providing trouble shooting and validation for all system errors. The role played by a desktop support technician is very critical for the successful functioning of systems in organizations and therefore complete knowledge of installation and networking systems is essential requirement for this position. A sample desktop support technician CV is given here under which can be used to effectively create an impressive CV.

Sample Desktop Support Technician CV Template

Name of the job aspirant

Address of the job aspirant

Contact phone number of the job aspirant

Email id of the job aspirant

Career Testimony:

(The job aspirant needs to provide a well-structured career testimony that leaves a lasting impression on the employer)

Employment Information:

(The job aspirant needs to provide all the employment information in this section that helps the employer understands the experience levels of the candidate in order to match to a specific position available in the organization)

Organization Name      Year of service     Designation    Key Responsibilities

_________                     _________               _________             _________

_________                     _________               _________             _________

_________                    _________                _________             _________

_________                     _________                _________             _________

Educational Information:

(The job aspirant should provide education background that provides information about the knowledge levels of the candidate through acquired educational qualifications in this section).

University/college name   Year of completion       Course name    Primary subjects

_________                                 _________                        ________               _________

_________                                 _________                        _________            _________

_________                                 _________                        _________            _________

_________                                 _________                        _________            _________


(The job aspirant should specify all the skills possessed so that employer gets a fair idea of skills that will make the candidate successful on the job in this section).

   Technical Skills          Interpersonal Skills    Communication Skills

_________                              _________                        ________

_________                              _________                        _________

_________                              _________                        _________

_________                              _________                        _________

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