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A desktop publisher makes use of computer applications and a few softwares to create, design and designs documents containing images as well as texts for commercial printing such as magazines, brochures, posters, signage and newsletters. A desktop publisher can get hired in all the sectors that require print communication such as graphic designing firms, schools, business establishments, printing firms etc. Even though degree is not a requirement, formal training or certification is preferred. For those looking to grow in this field, you must possess an artistic sense combined with technical know, this will ensure a steady growth.

Sample Desktop Publisher CV Template




Phone number:

Email Id:

Current Employment Status:

(Provide latest data)


To acquire the position of a Desktop publisher at a reputed advertising agency or a graphic designing firm where I can exhibit my artistic as well as technical abilities.


(Applicant must furnish data regarding all the degrees and certifications obtained)

Earned Bachelors in ___________________(subject) from _________________(Name of the University) in the year ____________________

Earned Masters in ___________________(subject) from _________________(Name of the University/Institute) in the year ____________________

Work Profile:

  1. 1.   (Position held)

(Company name, location)

(List all the responsibilities as well as achievements earned)


  1. 2.   (Position held)

(Company name, location)

(List all the responsibilities as well as achievements earned)

Computer Skills:

(The job requires skills in various computer applications, especially related to graphics. Applicants must list out all the applications they are aware of)

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe illustrator
  • Frame maker
  • Flash
  • QuarkXpress

References will be furnished upon request

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