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A designer is a person who is responsible for thee designing work of any kind in the company. There can be a huge variety of designers depending upon their particular job profile. But the common thing among all the designer related jobs is creativity. It is the job of a designer to create a design which is different from others and is creative enough to be noticed.

A designer CV template is a written and ready to use document which can be used by aspirants who want to apply for a designer’s job. This document makes it really easy for interested people to frame their resume without having to put time into writing the professional and formal language. The only thing that the applicant needs to do is to fill in his/her personal details to customise the CV template according to his needs.

The following are a few examples of designer CV templates:

  1. Graphic designer CV template
  2. Fashion designer CV template
  3. Window display designer CV template


The main points that are there in a designer CV template are the details of the coursework that he/she has pursued and which make him/her capable enough for the particular job profile. Other details can include the specifications of the past experiences in the same field.

Window Display Designer CV Template

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Graphic Designer CV Templates

Fashion Designer CV Template

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