Dance Teacher CV Template

A dance teacher is a person who is appointed by a school or a dancing institute to train and teach different dance forms to students. A dance teacher must be a skilled and qualified dancer and must be able to teach dance to the students. To apply for the job position of a dance teacher, one must prepare curriculum vitae stating the skills and qualifications. Given below is one such sample of the same.

Dance Teacher CV Template Sample:

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information: [write down the personal details of the applicant below]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Email address of applicant:

Phone number of applicant:

Residential address of applicant:

Gender of applicant:

Career objective [use this section to provide the career objective or goal of the applicant]

I am seeking a job title of a dance teacher in a dancing institute so that I can reach my goal of __________ [mention the goal] and showcase my love for dancing and teaching.

Professional strengths: [use this section to give the skills or strong points of the applicant]

  • I am an experienced dancer and a qualified expert of dance forms such as ________ [names of dance forms].
  • I am not only a good dancer but also an excellent trainer who can help students develop dancing techniques on their own.

Professional experience: [use this section to state the work experience details]

I have worked at _____________ [name of school or institute] for _______ [time span] years/months wherein I gained experience as a teacher.

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