Corporate Trainer CV Template

A corporate trainer is an employee of a corporation who is appointed to train and improve the performance of the employees and trainees.  This job position is an important position as the performance of the employees largely depends upon the performance of a corporate trainer. But to apply for this job, the applicant must have strong and impactful curriculum vitae. Given below is a sample of a corporate trainer CV template for your reference purpose.

Corporate trainer CV template sample:


Job position: Corporate trainer

Personal information: [this part of the CV is reserved for taking the personal details of the applicant]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:

Full residential address:

Contact number:

Email address:

Current employment status:

Career Goal:[this part of the CV is reserved for the objective of the applicant]

Seeking a job position of a trainer in the corporate trainer where I would be able to showcase my performance building and training skills in an effective and useful manner and would be able to help the company benefit from my services.

Academical details:[this part of the CV is reserved for the educational qualifications of the applicant]

  • Pursued graduation in ____________ [name of subject or field] from ____________ [name of the college and university].
  • Pursued diploma course in _______ [name of course] from ________ [name of institute].

Skills :

  • I am a powerful __________ [qualities of the applicant] and have mastered the art of training corporate employees and building their personalities.
  • I am ________ and ______________[mention the qualities of the applicant]

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