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A construction worker is a professional or a labor who takes part in the physical construction of infrastructure. Their main job is to work on the construction site and build them. They can be found on almost all the construction sites, basically performing a wide range of tasks from the very easy to the most hazardous ones. Since there is danger involved on the construction site, they have a safety gear which protects them, such as leather boots with a metal toe, plastic helmets and also goggles to protect their eyes. A construction worker can be found at every construction site such building roads, bridges, heavy construction sites and not only construction but also at demolition sites. Some workers are specialized in a particular construction site, like construction of underground tunnels or demolitions sites require special skills. Use of a well designed CV can land you a good job, and an effective CV can be drafted with the help of construction worker CV template.

Sample Construction Worker CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Informa(Furnish with accurate and updated information)tion:


Date of Birth:   /    /

Address:  Street_____, Building No._____, City _____, State______,  Pin code_______

Email ID:

Job Status:     ?  Employed      ?  Unemployed

Objective: To work as a construction worker in a well established construction company to apply my skills and expertise.


High School__________________ year ______ to _______

Other Diploma (If any)____________________

Work Experience Summary:

Name of the Company/Firm: _________________________

Time Period:_____________________

Name of the Company/Firm: _________________________

Time Period:_____________________

Other Skills:

(Mention all the other skills which could be useful at the construction site)



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