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The Construction manager also known as the project manager review the project, plan, direct the labor, coordinates and also keeps a check on the project budget. It includes construction of all types of buildings such as residential, commercial, bridges, roads, schools and hospitals. A construction manager may be salaried or self-employed managers who supervise almost every field related to construction. The most important function of a manager is to look over the proposed project and to take necessary decisions related to jobs needs to be completed prior to the beginning of the project. After this, he must aid in the procurement of land for the project site. He plays a vital role in this phase as they take decisions related to the requirements and the type of land needed, the size and so forth. A construction manager CV template helps the candidate to draft an effective resume.

Sample Construction Manager CV Template

Curriculum Vitae

(Furnish with accurate and updated information)

Personal Information:


Date of Birth:   /    /


Email ID:

Job Status:     ?  Employed      ?  Unemployed

Objective: To secure a position as a construction manager in a reputed construction company where I can use my management skills and extensive knowledge, benefitting the company


Bachelor of _____________ earned in year ______ to _____  from   _________ University

Masters in __________  earned in year  _______ to ________  from _________ University

Other Degree / Diploma: ____________________, _______________________

Work Experience Summary:

Name of the Company/Firm: _________________________

Time Period:_____________________

Responsibilities: ___________________, ____________________, ________________

Name of the Company/Firm: _________________________

Time Period:_____________________

Responsibilities: ___________________, ____________________, ________________

Computer Skills:

(Mention all the basic and advanced computer software skills which you are aware about)

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