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Construction is a job that requires a lot of planning as well as detailing. Not everybody can be eligible for a construction related job. It’s a vast field which has a lot of sub fields or jobs involved in it. Construction can be a small scale one like that of a room to a large scale project like a shopping complex or a housing complex.

A construction CV template is a written document that is ready to use and is helpful in cases where a person applies for any construction related job in a company or organisation. This document must consist of all the qualification details of the applicant which makes him eligible for the job. It is a way to let the employer be aware of the skills you hold.

The following are a few examples of construction CV templates:

  • Clerical construction CV template
  • Architect CV template
  • Electrical assistant CV template for a building


The main points that a construction CV template should contain are the personal details of the applicant, all the educational qualifications and skills of the person. Any CV template should mainly consist of a paragraph which contains all the aims, objectives and skills of the person which makes the person the right choice for the job

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